Mold Removal and Remediation

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If there is mold, or unpleasant odors coming from your basement, stop what you are doing and give us a call at Delaware County Basement Waterproofing. Mold tends to accelerate in dark, moist spaces, where organic materials are located. This is exactly why our concentration is on basements and crawlspaces, as the situation is ideal for mold to develop. Whenever there is mold in your basement or crawl spaces, unfortunately, it affects the level of comfort in your home’s living space. Mold irritates allergies and this can be especially problematic to anyone with upper respiratory problems.

Mold Removal Solutions
There are several ways that we can help with your mold problem. One way for us to do this is by waterproofing your basements and crawl spaces with the right drainage system and sump pumps. We’ll control the humidity levels with an efficient dehumidifier, and use proven effective disinfectants to get rid of any existing mold before it should happen to spread. We install waterproof and mold-resistant materials to your walls, floors, and panels. Every solution that we offer proves vitally important, which is why we offer them to our customers.

Mold Remediation
If we discover that mold is in your home and remove it for you then the next step is remediation. This means getting it back to a healthy level. We do this in various ways but one of the most effective ways is to use industrial-strength fans to completely dry out the area. If any flooring or part of the wall has been removed, then we will make sure that it is thoroughly dried before it is replaced. The job is not completed until we have performed mold remediation. Some are more extensive than others but we will explain the entire process to you before the work begins.

Hire Qualified Professionals
It is important that you only rely on qualified professionals to assist with your mold removal and remediation needs if you want to be sure that the job is done right. Unfortunately, many have hired service providers simply because they were cheap. This has not turned out well for them, as they did not receive the quality of service that they thought they were paying for. This is why we suggest that you only rely on qualified professionals, with the proven capabilities to assist you with your mold removal and remediation needs.

Affordable Mold Removal & Remediation
It is no secret that if your mold problem spreads, it will be much harder and more expensive to handle. However, even though we are not the cheapest, we are the most effective and we offer affordable pricing. We will always address the needs of our customers based on their specific circumstances. You won’t have to worry about us doing anything extra just to make a buck. We are always transparent, letting you know how we can provide you with the most affordable mold removal and remediation options that are available to you.